Penzión Cosmopolitan 2 - vežička

Penzión Cosmopolitan 2 - vežička

Wine cellar

Our wine cellar uses space of a former mining shaft whose first part has been adapted for pleasant seating and wine storage. Its second section is used for exhibitions and occassionaly you can admire sculpture's pieces of work, but its main role is a display of those times method of ore extraction. 

Our wine cellar hides unique Bulgarian wines Terra Tangra as well as highly appreciated wines of smaller producers whose philosophy is not mass production but respecting strict traditional methods of wine processing and achieving high quality. The cellar sells also exceptional sects of Hacaj winery - the only one in Slovakia producing sparkling wine by methods used only in the Champagne region. 

We held regular wine tasting parties in the cellar but anyone can spend a pleasant evening in the cellar or just to buy the wine pleasing his senses. 

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